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Almost at an end of my PADI Divemaster internship

PADI Divemaster internship

Hallo zum letzen mal,

das ist mein letzter Bericht, da ich nächsten Donnerstag den Kurs beende J ich habe nur noch eine Prüfung offen und das ist die praktische Prüfung zum Ablegen meiner Skills. Ansonsten bin ich fertig, mein Divemaster Exam habe ich auch am Donnerstag bestanden, jetzt heißt es noch üben üben üben, damit ich da auch eine gute Bewertung bekomme. Ich hab mich auch entschieden noch eine Fisch Identifikation Spezialkurs zu machen, da ich immer so viele Fische sehe, aber nie weiß, welche Art von Fisch es ist… ich hoffe das hilft mir, zudem heißen die Fische auf englisch meist ganz anders als auf deutsch.

Am Montag haben wir die Search and Recovery Prüfung abgelegt, das hat Spass gemacht, man muss unter Wasser in einem bestimmten Suchmuster nach einem Gegenstand suchen, diesen dann einen Bergungssack knoten und ihn langsam an die Oberfläche bringen. Am Nachmittag haben wir dann wieder Skills geübt, das macht immer mehr Spaß, sobald man sie besser und besser beherrscht, was bei mir zum Glück mittlerweile der Fall ist. Ich kann mich noch genau an den Anfang erinnern, als ich das zum ersten und zweiten mal gesehen habe und mir gedacht habe, shit, hoffentlich wird das… 😉

Am Dienstag haben wir auch nur an unseren Skills gearbeitet. Mittwoch sind wir dann nach Tabaiba gefahren und haben dort unseren deep entry abgelegt und im Anschluss einen kurzen Wreckdive gemacht. Der Tauchgang an sich kann schön sein, wenn man sich auf sich fokusiert. Ich hatte leider ein paar Unstimmigkeiten mit meinem Buddy, was mich den Tauchgang nicht genießen lassen konnte. Aber ich hab gelernt, erstmal auf sich konzentrieren und den Buddy Buddy sein lassen J Am Nachmittag ging es dann wieder weiter mit Skills.

Heute war der bisher beste Tauchtag, ich war mit meinem Buddy und unserer lieben Instructiorin privat tauchen in Las Eras, es war unglaublich viel zu sehen und ich muss da unbedingt nochmal hin!! Es ist nur 10 Minuten von Abades entfernt J

So, das war es von mir, vielleicht hört ihr wieder was wenn ich meinen Instructor mache 😉

viele Grüße,


Stuntman becomes PADI Divemaster

PADI Divemaster Chris

We had the pleasure of training Chris, who is a stuntman in progress, which would have been amazing on its own but what are the chances of having 2 stuntman at the same time, but more about Joe later.

Chris has blasted his way through the training to become a PADI Divemaster, from PADI Open Water diver in just over 5 weeks, a great achievement.

But what will Chris’s last legacy be?
We think a poem he wrote about the “scored skills session” will live on for a very long time.

We hope all goes well for his stuntman training and that we will see him in the movies soon.

Don’t forget you are welcome back anytime for your PADI Instructor course.

And now…….. your ode to the DM skills set. Awesome Chris, just awesome.

‘Twas the night before skills set and all through the town
Not an intern was stirring as all drinks had been downed
Their CESAs were practiced with three looks I ensure
In hope that dear Adam will give a good score

The interns were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of knurled nuts danced in their heads
On the cusp of DM they soon will become
As long as the paper work, finally gets done

Some interns come 8 weeks, others slightly less
To climb up the ladder and to PADI impress
Heed my warning this ladder has some dastardly falls
Like the 800 snorkel which would damn kill us all

But aside from the stamina, your mouth will be tested
As you repeat why the tanks must be carefully rested
And “to prevent contamination, less the dust caps applied”
Will run through your head till the day you do die.

Now if your luck is good then you may get to see
The majestical Pete on a dive in the sea
The Pete is the rarest cross the whole aquatic land
But he has great camouflage to blend with the sand

22 degree water may give you a chill
Less you’ve donned a Novascotia to prevent that cold spiteful fill
But those muggles with out, must settle for 5
But the cold bite reminds them that they’re all still alive

Once beer fines are paid and daily jobs are complete
They make sure the kits back, and arranged perfectly neat
Lastly the flag must be return if not dread
‘Cause dear Pete won’t be angry, but disappointed instead

The hat of princess must be laid on the head
Of the dumbest person to date for a comment they said
To hear an example please lend me your ear
“I stopped in the stamina cause no fish did appear”

We laughed and we laughed at this terrible excuse
As it was Adam who tried to get away with its use
Dear Adam couldn’t hide away from the fact
That he might have been great once but he’s now lost his knack

Moving on but also we must start to slow down
As the morning arrives we hear alarms start to sound
The interns still groggy with fear in their eye
Knowing that they’ll be under for a very long time

But they chin up and kit up and 400 meters they walk
And they inflate their jackets for a 30 meter long snork
Down goes one then goes two till we get to the end
As they strive for perfection with their 5 point descend

One at a time they perform skill after skill
As Adam watches blankly giving all interns a chill
Out of air skills get tricky as a partner’s required
And you pray oh sweet Jesus can they not be retarded

They surface with hope that their fin pivots were OK
But some are annoyed as their ankles were floaty
But alas all is done let’s move on with the day
And walk back to the dive shop where they can say

With professionalism done they can finally move on
That’s when they will wonder what yet is to come
Their time in Abades has come to an end
They came here as interns but leave now as friends

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PADI Divemaster Menno

Time for a catch up on some of our PADI Divemaster trainees.

Menno, from Holland, joined us for one of our Fast Track Divemaster internships and sped through all the assessment’s and training quickly.

He also managed to complete 48 dives and 5 PADI specialities which makes him a PADI Master scuba Diver as well as a PADI Divemaster.

So huge congratulations to Menno and we wish him well on his travels and every success in finding his first job as a PADI professional.

#PADI #Divemaster #GoPro #MyPADI #Tenerife #CanaryIslands #DMT