Cristina becomes an open water diver in Tenerife
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Cristina becomes an open water diver in Tenerife

Cris becomes an open water diver

Cristina becomes an open water diver in Tenerife

As the saying goes, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And that’s exactly what Cristina from Spain did when she joined us to become a #diver. With determination and a thirst for adventure, she took on the challenge and emerged victorious as an Open Water Diver.

From the moment she arrived, Cristina’s enthusiasm and positive energy were contagious. She was eager to learn and explore the underwater world, and it was evident that she was meant to be a diver. With each dive, she grew more confident and skilled, and it was a joy to witness her progress.

Under the instruction of her Sister, Pat, she embraced the cultural experience of being in a new aquatic world and quickly became a beloved member of our diving community, and we were sad to see her go when her training was complete.

But we know this is just the beginning for Cristina. With her new certification, she has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and adventures. And we have no doubt that she will continue to excel and inspire others with her passion for diving.

So here’s to you, Cristina, for taking that leap of faith and diving into the unknown. We are so proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to have you back with us again. Keep exploring, keep diving, and never forget the feeling of weightlessness and freedom that comes with being underwater.

Congratulations once again, and welcome to the diving family. We’ll see you soon, with bubbles and smiles all around. #divingcommunity #openwaterdiver #neverstopexploring #TenerifeDivemaster #TenerifeDivingAcademy #Divemaster #TenerifeDiving #DivemasterInternshipTenerife #DivemasterTenerife #TDA #TenerifeDivingAcademy

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