Deep diving in Tenerife
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Deep diving in Tenerife

Deep diving Tenerife

Deep diving in Tenerife

Second week of my PADI internship
On the Sunday I was able to go to Las Eras and do my first deep dive this was going to be my first dive with one of the instructors called Tania.
I’m sure this women was a fish in her past life we managed to get down to 24.4 metres furthest so far I have ever dived. I have never felt a current as strong as it was in this dive location it was impossible to move without pulling yourself along the rocks but we managed to all get out safe and sound.
On the Monday unfortunately I had a common cold so stayed at home and out of the water, on the Tuesday I was still not feeling too great but went into the dive centre anyway to try and help out whatever way I could, we had paying customers in that day so I was able to help wash all their kit and do some daily jobs to try and help the other interns finish quickly and go home.
Wednesday I was better and knew I had to finish my advanced so I was able to dive I completed my peak performance buoyancy, fish identification and navigation with Sorcha.
Thursday we went out and done a 1 hour fun dive with one of the interns leading he took me to trumpet fish cave for the first time it was a really nice and relaxed dive when he got back to the dive centre we were advised we could go a night dive which would mean it would be my last thing to complete my PADI Advanced Diver certification.
So at 8pm we went on our night dive it was really good learning new signs using the torch. Once in the water it was very surreal I couldn’t see much and the torch only goes so far but in the dark ocean you really do feel very small in the big blue. I seen very large sea urchins and an octopus also an angel shark.

Let’s see what week 3 has in store for me.


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