First week as a Divemaster intern in Tenerife
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First week as a Divemaster intern in Tenerife

PADI Open Water Diver

First week as a Divemaster intern in Tenerife

Arrived in Abades in a taxi and all the houses looked so alike that even the taxi driver took a long time to find the house, though when I finally found it I was greeted by a Spanish gentleman who was visiting his cousin who I later found out to be one of the instructors.

With his broken English we managed to establish that the instructor was on a night dive and suddenly an Italian girl arrived at the house and was able to give me access to the property. She showed me around the house explained the house rules and general everyday rules. We then went down to the beach where you could see the others doing there night dive.

Sunday arrived and it was my first day at the dive centre after going through some paperwork and buying some scuba gear I was ready for my first day in the water, however I first learned how to assemble as dismantle my kit, I done this 3 times while the instructors watched, then it was time to pack up and go home for my first day in the water.

Monday morning we geared up was shown how to do this on the previous day and headed out with 2 instructors to do my PADI DSD.

Tuesday morning more weight on my weight belt to see if this would help me descend better as I was now beginning to learn skills along with a customer, only issue I had was having to remove by BCD on the water surface on the afternoon dive.

Wednesday morning more skills with the same customer who was doing his PADI open water course also, this time more successful except I lost my right fin twice and my mask keep flooding but I was able to handle the situation well, that evening we learned some more skills and this again was a very productive and successful dive.

Thursday morning we kitted up went out in the morning to do our first part of the PADI open water course, in the afternoon we went back out to complete the open water course and complete the open water course exam, Woo hoo I passed so now I am a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER.


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