Fun dives in Tenerife
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Fun dives in Tenerife

Fun dives in Tenerife

Third week of my Internship.
Monday I was put on fun dives with Craig, Abi and Álvaro it was my first time I got to dive with the 3 of them.
Craig was leading not sure if it was his first time but he done really well making sure all points were covered including the pre dive safety check and his de brief (nervous still not done mine yet) we had a really good dive got to see a cuttlefish for the first time also so that was pretty awesome.
On Tuesday I got to do some more fun dives with Craig and Abi and this time it was Abi’s time to lead she also done very well but we did advise that she had to check on us more often and turn around to check on us and also ask us about our air. Though we did have a great dive and again got to see Abades reef.
On Wednesday we went on a fun dive this time with Baptiste, Lucas, Charlie and I but this time we done some project aware dives and killed some longspined Black Sea urchins for me it was not the first time but I still found it difficult but I finally got into the swing of things and managed to do what was required, however the fish love to eat them so was cool how close they got to me and I could see them much closer in person.
On Thursday some of the team at the dive centre had their skills assessment coming up so they were doing the last skill dive practice so we went out and I watched and tried to pick up things I may of missed before but I was easily distracted when I seen an octopus (love seeing things you don’t see everyday) however my attention was back on the other divers watching them finish their practice I have my fingers crossed for them this week hopefully pass with full marks.


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