Navigation Specialty course for Lucie and the Team in Tenerife
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Navigation Specialty course for Lucie and the Team in Tenerife

Navigation Specialty course for Lucie and the Team in Tenerife

As the sun rose over the crystal clear waters of #Tenerife, a new adventure was about to begin. Lucie, a passionate diver from #Germany, had joined Faiz and Flyn, our #Divemaster interns, for the Navigation Specialty course. The excitement was palpable as they geared up and prepared to explore the underwater world.

Lucie’s love for diving was evident from the moment she arrived at our dive center. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn made her the perfect addition to our team.

The Navigation Specialty course was the perfect opportunity for Lucie, as well as our newly certified open water #divers to enhance there skills and become a more confident and independent diver.

Under the guidance of Pat, they learned how to use a compass, navigate through different terrains, and communicate effectively with dive buddies. It was incredible to see her progress and master the techniques with ease.

As we surfaced from our final dive, Lucie’s smile said it all. She had successfully completed the Navigation Specialty course and was now a certified Specialty diver with advanced skills. But more importantly, she had made new friends and created unforgettable memories.

Lucie’s journey with us should have come to an end, but she enjoyed her time here so much she has signed up for the #Divemaster program.

So here’s to Lucie, our German diver, who joined Faiz and Flyn for the Navigation Specialty course in Tenerife.

May their love for the ocean continue to grow, and may they inspire others to explore the underwater world.

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