Project AWARE dives on Abades
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Project AWARE dives on Abades

Project Aware Dives Tenerife

Project AWARE dives on Abades

The planet’s oceans (technically 1 interlinked ocean) are extremely important to us. They are the source and sustenance of all life on Earth, oxygenating the air we breath and spreading warmth around the planet, as well as providing us with our best-loved, romantic and imaginative stories. The spectacles of nature in the oceans are unparalleled, inspiring every diver that witnesses underwater environments.

Even with all this aside, seeing the amount of marine debris is painful to anyone. Taking into account the significant importance of the oceans and the 693 different species animals that are directly affected by rubbish, it becomes almost unbearable. The large majority of marine debris sinks, so as divers, we have a unique opportunity to tackle this issue head on. Whenever an item of marine debris is removed from the ocean, it becomes safer for marine animals, the data collected informs policy and expands understanding and convinces others of the need for change.

In our latest project AWARE dive on Abades Bay, 4 divers collected 5kg of human caused marine debris over the course of 2 short dives. It was very rewarding to know that the 3 bags of trash we removed can no longer cause harm to the great variety of species that live and visit the reefs around the bay.

Hopefully the continuing efforts of divers, driven by the proud history of removing rubbish from the oceans will preserve the oceans and all their beauty for the next generations of the planet to enjoy 🙂

Simon Weighell
PADI Divemaster Trainnee – England

#ProjectAWARE #Adoptadivesite #DiveAgainstDebris

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