Scuba Instructor Crossover
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Scuba Instructor Crossover


As a certified Scuba Instructor you have already been assessed by a diving agency and passed the exams, congratulations.

Do you find the annual fees you pay to your diving agency extortionate?

Are you unhappy with the lack of assistance from your diving agency?

Have you struggled to find work with your chosen diving agency?

Fed up with defending the digital materials that dont work on a daily basis?

We have the solutions to all of those issues and many more.


It is common now for scuba instructors to hold certifications for several agencies, to have some flexibility in teaching. Most instructors become dual  instructors for the first year and then realise the huge benefits of being a SSI instructor over any other agency.

In the last years, the SSI training system has reached the highest level of modern diving education, with an easy to use online training system, available immediately in all important languages. You don’t have to stock books and certifications, you just use what you need and as a Dive center pay at the end of the month.

As you are already an Instructor you learn, the entire SSI program and the differences with other certifying agencies and especially the one you come from.

As there is no formal instructor evaluation at the end of the program the stress is reduced and you can have fun while you learn.
We will introduce you to new skills and knowledge that will increase your capabilities as a diving professional.


With SSI the support for Instructors is unique, you gain access to lots of possibilities and the best training and materials in the world. 

If you are already a Dive instructor in another organisation it is straight forward to get the SSI Qualification.

SSI is accepting instructors of all RSTC organisations or ISO certified organisation.

Unlike other diving agencies there is no huge fee to be evaluated again, so you start saving from day one!. 

You will reach exactly the equivalent level to what you have already, so you start in the same position you have reached in your former agency. Even your experience will be recognised.


And at the end of your first year, if you have conducted the required number of courses, you get FREE renewal! 

As soon as you resister for your Crossover course you become part of the Team with full support from your  experienced instructors.

We have been training scuba professionals  for almost 20 years, so you are in good hands. 

SSI started in scuba diving more than 50 years ago with a vision of making it possible for anyone to learn to dive. With more than 3,300 Training Centers in over 130 countries and 50,000 plus Professionals, it is easy to make a career with SSI wherever you choose. SSI is the name to trust in the diving industry as an RSTC founding member and globally ISO certified. With more dive centres in the Canary Islands than PADI it is the most progressive modern way to become a diver, either recreational or professional.  

Requirements for participants

• Minimum age: 18 years

• At least 100 logged dives in open water 

• Current level Open Water Instructor

• Diving medical

Reasons to join SSI and Divemaster Academy;

  • SSI is the fastest growing diver training agency in the world.
  • SSI is the largest diving training agency in the Canary Islands
  • SSI has significantly lower processing fees.
  • SSI has lower, if not free, annual renewal fees for its Pros.
  • SSI have lower materials cost compared with other diver training agencies. 
  • SSI have digital products that actual work, first time, every time. 
  • SSI will have you processed as a Pro within days, no 8 week delay in applications to become a Pro. 
  • SSI Offer 1000’s of jobs all around the world.
  • We are dedicated to training professional scuba divers, not fitting you in when we can. 
  • We have 1,000’s of people we have trained in our Network of scuba professionals. 
  • We offer the most comprehensive professional training compared to other Dive Centres.
  • We are the largest trainer of professional scuba courses, and has been for the last 8 years . (*Official Statistics) 


  • Please note all professional courses have fees that are payable to SSI that are not included in the cost.