Scuba Instructor Job
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Scuba Instructor Job

Scuba Diving Instructor  – The dream job

Are you already a Scuba Instructor? Then you will know how in demand you already are!

We offer employment to all successful Instructor candidates who meet the criteria and are actively looking for work. 


Are you a PADI Instructor looking for work? No worries we have the best solution for you, crossover to SSI and save yourself 1,000’s of Euros in renewal fees by joining the SSI Rewards Program. 


No need to take another Instructor Evaluation, just spend a week with our Instructor Trainers learning the improved skills and theory and you are ready to work with the most progressive fastest growing scuba diving agency.


If you are looking to become a Dive Guide, Divemaster or Scuba Instructor then we will not only train you but employ you.

A scuba diving instructor is a qualified professional who teaches scuba diving courses to individuals of all skill levels. They are responsible for ensuring that their students have the knowledge, skills, and experience to scuba dive safely and responsibly.


If you would like to apply send us a resume (C.V.) and two pictures, one full person and one portrait. to


PADI Divemaster internship